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DaVinci Resolve Fundamentals - Managing Grades

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This post is part of a series called Introduction to DaVinci Resolve Fundamentals.
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Today we're continuing our tutorial series on DaVinci Resolve. We'll be talking about managing grades, as well as looking at how we can keep this process as simple and efficient as possible with a few handy shortcuts.

Accompanying Notes

Automatic Linking and Versions

DaVinci Resolve has a way of automatically linking grades between clips that share source material. This works either to a single timeline or multiple timelines in a project. Grades applied to one linked clip are automatically shared with every other clip it's linked to.

Remote Versions?

The automatic link happens because clips share the same remote versions. A version is simply a grade, and each clip can have multiple versions/grades (but only one grade can be seen at a time). The default version is "Version 1". If you right-click, you can see and select which version you want to use with your currently selected clip. All remote versions are available to the linked clips in all timelines.

Disable Linking with Local Versions

You can disable Auto-Link with the use of Local Versions. They are not shared between the timelines and work only for the current one. Clips using local versions appear with an (L) to the right of the version name/number. You can also set an entire timeline to use local versions.

Copying Grades Using the Mouse

One of the easiest ways of copying a grade from one clip to another is by using the middle mouse button. Simply click on one of the clips and then middle click the one from which you want to copy grade. The grade will be sent to the selected clip. You can use this same technique to copy grades from stills or memory.


Memories are basically the same as stills, except that they're labeled with a letter (A to Z) for faster saving and applying via keyboard shortcuts.

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