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Create a Sound Reacting 3D Waveform Animation without 3rd Party Plugins

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Satya has done it again. He's managed to re-wire and re-invent tools that we've had for a long time to create what would normally only be possible with third party plugins. For all of you that ask for tutorials that only use built-in plugins, this one is for you. Satya has even created a free preset so you don't have to re-create the effect from scratch every time.

Satya also wrote an article on his blog comparing the techniques explained in this tutorial to Trapcode Soundkeys.

Republished Tutorial

Every few weeks, we revisit some of our reader's favorite posts from throughout the history of the site. This tutorial was first published in April of 2009.

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Instructions: Click 'View Full-screen' button (bottom right corner) to see this HD tutorial at maximum size. Click screen to pause, click again to play.




Spectrum Analysis CS4 Preset


Spectrum Analysis CS3 Preset

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