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  1. 3D & Motion Graphics

3D & Motion Graphics Learning Guides

Master 3D modelling and motion graphics with this awesome collection of learning guides. Each one is a collection of the best free tutorials to help you nail the topic of your choice.

For example, if you want to learn Adobe After Effects from scratch, you can't go wrong with the "Welcome to After Effects" guide. Then, when you've got the basics down, you can try some other guides like building a well-organised After Effects template or creating some stylish user interface elements.

You can also try plenty of other amazing learning guides covering practical projects in Cinema 4D, Maya, 3ds Max, and more.

  1. Logo Reveals

    33 Posts
    Need a quick animation idea for your final logo? We've gathered a delightful collection of Logo Reveals that you can either look through to get inspiration or just copy directly... that's why they're there!
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  2. Create a Dynamic Pie Chart using Lightwave & After Effects

    2 Posts
    In this two part tutorial, Joshua Jorgensen takes you through the process of creating a motion graphics style effect to animate a pie chart scene. Using a combination of keyframing and expressions in Lightwave 3D, you’ll build a flexible semi-automated system to create an impressive effect out of what would normally be a boring statistic!
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  3. Achieving Realism and Depth using Render Layers in Maya

    2 Posts
    Throughout the course of this two part rendering tutorial, you'll learn how to use the power of render layers inside Maya 2010, and how to output and prepare them for compositing. In the second part, you'll see how you can use After Effects to composite the rendered layers to achieve a more realistic look using custom depth of field.
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  4. Motion Graphics: Project Workflow

    3 Posts
    Eventually we all want to move beyond tutorials and actually start to deal with clients. Whether at a production house or on your own, one of the most fundamental aspects of professional design is a solid project workflow. In this tutorial series, we’ll examine the different aspects of working in a project-like environment, and how our techniques interact with a client in a real-world situation.
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  5. Export 3D Camera Data from Cinema 4D to After Effects

    2 Posts
    When it comes to motion graphics, exporting camera data from a 3D program to a 2D compositing program is one of the most important techniques you can know. In this tutorial, you'll learn the basics behind getting Cinema 4D and After Effects to talk to one another, including using exporting tags, using camera data in After Effects and how to set up and tweak your render for the best results.
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