1. 3D & Motion Graphics

3D & Motion Graphics Learning Guides

Master 3D modelling and motion graphics with this awesome collection of learning guides. Each one is a collection of the best free tutorials to help you nail the topic of your choice.

For example, if you want to learn Adobe After Effects from scratch, you can't go wrong with the "Welcome to After Effects" guide. Then, when you've got the basics down, you can try some other guides like building a well-organised After Effects template or creating some stylish user interface elements.

You can also try plenty of other amazing learning guides covering practical projects in Cinema 4D, Maya, 3ds Max, and more.

  1. How To Build an Organized and User-Friendly After Effects Template

    4 Posts
    Want to make your projects more organized? How easy should it be for you to make revisions to your work? This four-part video series will walk you through the process and workflow of creating an organized template that can easily be customized by anyone. You'll learn how to design a template from scratch using placeholders, make buttons with custom settings, and implement your own visual editor.
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  2. Commercial Production Series: Canon EFS 55-250mm Lens

    9 Posts
    In this massive nine part series, you'll learn how to create a stunning 36 second video advertisement for the Canon EPS 50-250mm zoom lens. The first three parts delve into the model's creation using 3D Studio Max. You'll then move into Cinema 4D for animation, materials and lighting and finish up with final compositing in After Effects.
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  3. The Complete Introduction to Motion Trackers

    12 Posts
    Motion Tracking is pretty much the "required reading" in the world of Visual Effects. Whether you're adding something to a shot or taking something out, if the shot is moving... you'll almost always have to track your shot to get the best result. Watch this brief Motion Tracking Overview and let us help you through the core information you need to know to be confident with Motion Trackers. Enjoy!
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  4. Iron Man Interface Widgets

    5 Posts
    In this session, we are going to recreate the Iron Man Interface Widgets inspired from The Avengers movie. We are going to use ton of shape layers with wide variety of modifiers and take in-depth look at combining the modifiers as well as learn how to order and group them.
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