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Who's Who in the After Effects World

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    We learn from a lot of people on the internet, but a lot of us don't really know WHO they actually are. I have been fortunate enough to befriend some of the aforementioned members of my list, but just for you, now you know who is filling your brains with all that AE-goodness.

    • Andrew Kramer

      Basically everyone in the After Effects world has heard of Video Copilot. If you haven't... well, then you are missing out. It is quite possibly the most popular After Effects training site out there. Andrew Kramer has built an amazing business and community from what the website was just 4 years or so ago, and it is growing every day. You have probably heard of Action Essentials 2 or Riot Gear before. Those are a few of VC's many products, which help you to enhance your visual effects and motion graphics endeavors. Andrew was recently interviewed on Unlplugged, John Dickinson's (below) skype-based talkshow. Visit Video Copilot

    • John Dickinson

      Host of, Unplugged, The Business of Design, and the mastermind behind the Making It Look Great training series, John is a 14 year veteran of the AE world. He currently works at Foxtel in Australia, but also hosts online e-seminars for Adobe, along with running his multitude of shows. In between tips and tutorials, John is always posting presets, progress and inspiration for you to learn from and use to better your own work. Visit Motionworks

    • Aharon Rabinowitz

      You might know of Aharon from hosting the Creative Cow After Effects podcast for the longest time, but he has since moved on from that position to become marketing director for Red Giant Software. His (sorta) newly launched line of pre-keyed stock footage, Crowd Control has been a huge hit, along with his tutorials that he continues to produce. He now hosts Red Giant TV, along with developing plugins and being a regular presenter at AENY. Visit All Bets Are Off Productions

    • Jerzy Drozda Jr.

      George, Malty, Jerzy, Jersey, Maltaannon, he has many different names, but there is only one man. Jerzy (yuhr-shah) is a phenomonal After Effects teacher, and one of the leading names in the AE world. He has a boatload of tutorials, pixel bender plugins, Custom Effects, and has been featured on different After Effects blogs as a contributor to the community. Host of Making It Look Great 5, his first training DVD, as well as a Polish Basic Training series, You can expect a lot more from Maltaannon in the next year. He also has a Live show hosted on Ustream that you can check out and link from his site. Visit Maltaannon

    • Eran Stern

      Eran is another one of the Creative Cow Podcast leaders, taking over for Aharon Rabinowitz, and cohosting with Carl Larsen (below). Eran is located in Israel and his website, is available in English as well as Hebrew. He also has a few DVDs available from the Creative Cow Master Series, "Motion Design with After Effects", and the newly released "A New Solid". His dvds are mostly the full size versions of the Creative Cow Podcast, but there are usually about 2 hours worth of never before seen goodness. Eran is a very accomplished trainer with a nice fluid style, and easy to follow pace. Visit SternFX

    • Carl Larsen

      Like I said above, Carl cohosts the Creative Cow Podcast with Eran, and together they make a great team. Carl's business with his wife Angel, is Telescope Media Group, which specializes in every aspect of production. Along with cohosting the Podcast, Carl has proved himself quite skilled with Imagineer's Mocha and MochaAE, with a few tutorials for their products as well. Carl is very clear, pronounced, and after watching his tutorials, it is quite obvious that he really knows his stuff. Visit Telescope Media Group

    • Lloyd Alvarez

      Ahh, good ol' Lloyd. Our former editor... what to say? Well for one thing, he is probably one of the most popular scripts developers in the After Effects world, running and all that. Lloyd is an amazing VFX Supervisor as well as a compositor, art director, animator, among many other roles. Most people just look at and think that's it. Nope... head over to to see what I am talking about. Visit Visit

    • Harry Frank

      Harry's freelance website, and alias per se, Graymachine, is the source for some great tutorials using Particular & Form, and expression-filled goodness. Harry actually has quite a few products, being a fellow author of Making It Look Great (volume 3), as well as 2 Expressions training packs and the Complete Training for Trapcode Particular from Class on Demand. Harry has been around for a while and always stays quite busy, and participates in some amazing projects... make sure you check out his newly updated demo reel. Visit Graymachine

    • Ko Maruyama

      Ko sometimes stays quieter than he should, but his blog NinjaCrayon is on top of everything in the motion graphics and vfx industry. Ko specializes in After Effects and Cinema 4D training, in fact you might have seen his 300+ Free After Effects Tutorials a while back. Ko also runs Mac Animation Pro (found at the previous link), and is always getting great coverage of events such as NAB and IBC. Visit Ninja Crayon

    • Shoaib Khan

      Relatively new to the After Effects scene, Shoaib and his website,, have really managed to come up with some spectacular tutorials the last year or so. Shoaib shares his knowledge with the world by producing these killer VFX shots and complex 3D and AE scenes to really capture the attention of the viewer. Visit

    • Michele Yamazaki

      If you know Toolfarm or AEFreemart, you know Michele Yamazaki. She is the mastermind behind the popular After Effects Freebies website, as well as one of the head honchos making Toolfarm the number one plugin reseller in the world. She contributes to the community by developing training put out by Toolfarm with industry experts such as Harry Frank, Rob Birnholz and Angie Mistretta. She also has done a fair share of speaking engagements, such as a popular one at MGFest last year. Her and Jeremy Hanke also have co-written a book called Greenscreen Made Easy, which gives you the primer and how-to on anything and everything greenscreen and keying. Visit AEFreemart Visit Greenscreen Made Easy

    • Nick Campbell

      The Gorilla of, Nick is possibly one of my favorite on the entertainment side of the motion design industry. He is the creator of 5 Second Projects that inspire you to "Make Cool S**t" as Nick likes to put it, using a bi weekly theme. Nick also creates lots of tutorial based in Photoshop, Cinema 4D and of course After Effects, as well as hosting an online GSG Live show on Ustream every week. Nick's How to be a Motion Designer and Get Paid got a ton of attention and really gave him the push to be the entertainer/educator he is now. Visit the Greyscale Gorilla

    • Chris & Trish Meyer

      Chris and Trish Meyer are popular over at ProVideo Coalition, running two channels: Creating Motion Graphics & Keyframes, as well as writing the book After Effects Apprentice collaboratively together. They have been around for quite a while and are veterans in the motion graphics industry, and with their company CyberMotion, they have made quite a name for themselves. They also occasionally host lessons for as well. Visit CyberMotion

    • Todd Kopriva

      Todd is basically the Einstein of how After Effects works. He wrote the manual... literally. Check out that's all him. His Adobe blog, The After Effects Region of Interest reports on some of the news from within Adobe itself, as well as interesting stuff such as the After Effects 1.1 demo reel or some sweet tutorials worth mentioning from around the web. Visit The After Effects Region of Interest

    • Rich Young

      Lastly, we have Rich Young. Now a lot of you might not know very much about him, like me, because he stays very under the radar. What we do know about this mysterious After Effects aficionado, is he runs the famed AEportal. Quite possibly my favorite After Effects reporting website, he is almost first to the punch every time something new happens that deals with or a part of After Effects, or even motion graphics or vfx for that matter. Visit AEPortal

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