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Tutorial Roundup: 52 Excellent Cinema 4D Tutorials

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Ok, so I've done it again people! There were so many amazing C4D tuts just floating around out there on the web, that I couldn't stop myself from gathering them all up, and stuffing them into one little easy to digest package for you. No need to thank me...just sit back and enjoy all the Cinema 4D goodness (ok...and then you can thank me)!

    Stylish Lighting in Cinema 4D and Photoshop

    Use Global Illumination to create complex lighting and shadows.

    Door Type

    Create cool looking 3D type with a door built into the side.

    Rolling Red Carpet

    Create a rolling red carpet that reveals text on the inside.

    Font Explode

    Explode a bit of 3D text and style it to create some awesome looking typographic elements.

    Little Planet

    Distort a panoramic image and create some 3D text, to make a little planet type effect.

    Beach Ball

    Model and texture a beach ball.

    Crumpling Paper

    Using the cloth tag, create an animation that makes a piece of paper crumple into a ball.

    Interactive Speakers

    Model some speakers, and make them react to a sound file using Mograph.

    Super Text

    Create a text effect similar the one used by Superman.

    Sketch Car

    Use Sketch and Toon, along with After Effects, to create a hand-drawn looking animation of a car.

    Xpresso Series

    This series has three parts on Xpresso: Camera Projection, On/Off Switch, and Replace Textures.

    Egg Modeling

    Check out several resources on how to model an egg.

    Modeling a Zebra

    Model a toy zebra (includes a free 3d model).

    Modeling a Book

    Model and texture a book, and add dust to the cover (includes the project files).

    The UV-Map Dirtmap Baker Tutorial

    Get a clean UV map, calculate a dirt map, and work with Baker.

    Working With Procedurals

    Use 3d procedural textures, instead of bitmaps, to acheive the desired result.

    Modeling an Hourglass

    Model, texture, and light an hourglass.

    Contraint Tag: Aim

    Learn the differences between the Target and Constraint tags.

    Introduction to Point Cache

    Learn to use the Point Cache Tag and Point Cache Deformer.

    Looping Noise

    Use looping noise to create random motion in different objects.

    Modeling a Lightsaber

    Check out this awesome tutorial on modeling a replica lightsaber.

    Making a Fireball with Pyrocluster

    Create a realistic fireball inside of a container using Pyrocluster.

    Modeling a Water Faucet

    A basic tutorial on modeling and texturing a water faucet with handles for hot and cold.

    Creating a Cel or Wireframe Render

    Create a Cel or Wireframe Render of your model (kinda self explanatory).

    Model a Basic Peanut Can

    A basic tutorial on modeling a peanut can, and then lighting it appropriately.

    Vector Logo To 3D

    Create a logo from vector shapes, and then turn those shapes into 3d extrusions.

    Exploring Sound Effector

    Explore the Sound Effector, and how it can react to different parts of your scene.

    Explosive Typography Effects

    Create an awesome exploding 3D text effect.

    Making of Super Snail

    This is a huge tutorial on modeling the "Super Snail" ( including the body, slime, and rocket motor).

    Modeling "Daylight"

    Create a realistic looking castle alleyway scene with fantastic lighting effects.

    Materials in C4D

    Learn to create realistic looking glass materials.

    Creating Car Tires

    Create some very nice custom textured tires.

    Modeling a UFO

    Make the UFO's used in the independent film "The Insurgents".

    3D Titles

    In one of the only C4D tutorials from Video Copilot, Andrew Kramer shows you how to create 3d titles inside of After Effects.

    Introduction to Dynamics

    Nick Campbell (the man behind the next few tutorials) gives you a crash course on Dynamics in C4D.

    Texturing Objects and Lights

    Learn how to use textures to help you light a scene.

    Create a Floating Balloon Animation Using HDRI Lighting and Particles

    From one of the 5 Second Projects, Nick shows you how to use HDRI Lighting and Particles to create this awesome little animation.

    CS Tools - Daylight

    Use CS Tools' Daylight to light a scene.

    CS Tools - Cubes

    Nick shows you how to use cubes from CS Tools to animate abstract shapes quickly.

    CS Tools - Cluster

    Use CS Tools - Cluster to easily create symmetrical burst animations with any object.

    CS Tools - Bloom

    Use CS Tools - Bloom to automate animations that bloom into scenes with rotation and scale.

    CS Tools - Area Light and Ambient Light

    Use another one of the lighting tools from CS Tools to light a scene effectively.

    CS Tools - Action Cam

    Use Action Cam from CS Tools to create some cool camera moves.

    Creating a DNA Strand

    Create a DNA strand using some basic shapes, deformers, and Mograph modules.

    Shattering Glass

    In John Dickinson's first big 3 part tutorial using C4D, he uses Illustrator, AE, and C4D to create an awesome glass shattering effect.

    The Moon

    Noise Junkies "Universe" series has this great tutorial on modeling the moon's surface.

    Modeling a Piano

    Learn how to model a basic piano.

    Playing With Shadows

    This is a recreation of Andrew Kramer's Video Copilot tutorial on creating some soft shadows using Cinema 4D.

    Fringe Titles

    Learn how to recreate the reverse shatter effect used in the "Fringe" TV show's opening title sequence.

    Organic Mesh

    Learn how to recreate Andrew's organic mesh effect (from Video Copilot) using similar techniques in Cinema 4D.

    Beyond Boring Text

    This is a nice little tutorial on using the Displace Deformer, with Mograph Text Objects, to create stylized effects.

    Kicked the Bucket

    This is a long tutorial, in which only half is actually published, recreating the 5 Second Project entry at

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