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Top 10 Models on 3DOcean

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3dOcean has been exploding recently. The amazing author submissions have been pouring in and the site has doubled its sales in the last ten months! So we've decided to take a quick tour through some of the high quality work that's available over in the 3D Models category. Hopefully you'll find a little inspiration and perhaps some motivation to get your work submitted to 3dOcean!

1. Modular Dungeon Set | All-in-One Package

This “All-in-One” Pack comes with all 20 of the high quality model packs in the Modular Dungeon Set. With everything you have a great jump off point to build a creepy, dark, damp, lowpoly, dungeon level like in Blizzard Entertainment’s Diablo series. You have enough to enough to make a really solid level for an RPG or MMO game.

2. Action Hero Caricature - by Soulty

Action Hero Caricature by Soulty. Which just happens to look a lot like Envato's Lance from ActiveDen :P

3. Robot FSPB-100

Here's what I think iRobots would look like if they went completely badass.

4. Volvo Truck 10x4 Dumper

High detailed Volvo Truck 10×4 Dumper.

5. Beautiful Earth

A beautiful model of Earth, complete with high resolution maps, and materials.

6. ALEYSHA v.02

The author had a vast number of influences for this model (Beyonce Knowles, Jessica Alba, Megan Fox, Patricia Ford and some others). How you doin'?

7. 3D Tree - Purple Leaved Plum

3D Tree model of a Purple Leaved Plum – Prunus Cerasifera Pissardii. How you doin'? :P

8. Troll

Troll model is my own design. UV mapped.

9. Hummer H1

High detailed and textured Hummer H1. With interior which enough for close-up renders. Scene contain textures, Standart Scanline, MentalRay and Vray materials.

10. INKY

A fun little character for you to use in your animation or other projects. A great character for doing walkcycles to show on your demoreel, or to animate your monologue or dialogue shot with.

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