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This Week's Most Interesting Tuts from Elsewhere

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Since last week's tutorial roundup was such a hit, we enlisted the help of visualfxtuts' Topher Welsh to give you the scoop on who else is creating tuts and where you can find them.

Tutorial Roundup

  • Intro to AE - 3D Layers, Cameras, Keyframes and Animation Basics

    Nick Campbell is back with two more installments of his Intro to After Effects series. The first link covers the basics of keyframing including: setting multiple keyframes, spacial interpolation, bezier keyframes, roving keyframes and auto orient. The second link covers how to make layers 3D, animate cameras with them and you explore depth of field within After Effects

    Link to Keyframe and Animation Basics Link To 3D Layers and Cameras

  • Eran Stern - Sci-Fi Classics Part 1

    Eran Stern shows you how to create a sweet looking retro title design animation for a fictional sci-fi flick. Stay tuned to Eran's site, www.sternfx.com for a new After Effects Training DVD coming out soon!

    Visit Tutorial

  • Digital Tutors - Using Brainstorm in After Effects

    Digital Tutors has a ton of training to buy, but most people don't know about their huge colletion of free tutorials as well. This one teaches you how to use the Brainstorm function introduced in AECS3.

    Visit Tutorial

  • Creative Cow - Creating a Realistic Earth

    This tutorial hosted by Michael Park teaches you how to create a realistic spinning 3D Earth using only After Effects built in plugins... focusing primarily on CC Sphere.

    Visit Tutorial

  • MaxAfter.com - Heart Rate Monitor

    Shoaib Kahn is an awesome VFX artist, and his site, MaxAfter.com is equally great. In this tutorial Shoaib shows you how to make an EKG reading with After Effects and Trapcode Particular.

    Visit Tutorial

  • MaxAfter.com - Car Light Trails

    Another one from MaxAfter.com! This tutorial shows you how to create that car light trails effect seen on slow shutter speed cameras, or really long, fast time lapse shots. Using this effect, you don't have to sit outside on the street in the dead of night to get the shot!

    Visit Tutorial

  • Motionworks - Grungy Text

    John Dickinson is back with a nice rundown of how he created a grungy text look for an originally very clean typeface. He runs through the effects and shows how they helped acheive the overall look. There are some good ones in there you might have forgotten about!

    Visit Tutorial

  • Ninja Crayon - 300+ After Effects Tutorials

    Ko Maruyama is a ninja when it comes to putting out After Effects tutorials. He has compiled a list of 300+ tutorials he has created over the years, and they are all in one central location.

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  • Aharon Rabinowitz - Conforming 25P to 24P

    Although this tutorial is for his new gigantic pre-keyed stock footage library, it is an awesome technique to have in your toolbox, because there comes a time in every AE-er's life when he has to covert frame rates and formats.

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  • The Mograph Blog - Mastering the Render Queue

    We listed this one as a freebie yesterday, but it's so good it's worth repeating. TheMographBlog.com is the blog of Chris Kelley. He has a really great post on Mastering the Render Queue with tons of facts and tricks that a lot of us never even knew were possible.

    Visit Tutorial

  • Video Copilot - Fracture Design

    And just yesterday Video Copilot put out an excellent new tutorial that uses scripts and expressions to create an action packed title design.

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