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The Ultimate Christmas Roundup!

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    Ahh it's Christmas time again, and you know what that means! It's time for some Holiday inspiration! I have a ton (probably my largest roundup on the site yet) of Christmas goodies for you to enjoy this next week to get you in the holiday spirit if you aren't already! It might not be AE related, but it sure is fun!

    Christmasy Tutorials

    Maltaannon: Particle Playground on Ice

    Firechild Entertainment: Snow Globe

    PSDtuts+: How to Create an Ice Text Effect with Photoshop

    PSDtuts+: How to Create That Last-Minute Holiday e-Card in Photoshop

    Vectortuts+: How to Make Festive Vector Gift Boxes

    Vectortuts+: Christmas Greeting illustration

    Vectortuts+: How to Create an Enchanted Holiday Ornament Design

    N.Design Studio: Christmas Tree

    CreativeMac: After Effects Snow

    Genesis Project: An After Effects Christmas

    Creative Cow: Creating Paper Ribbons and Confetti

    How to Create Snow, Rain and Weather Effects in After Effects

    Layers Magazine: Falling Snow in Flash CS3

    Adobe Tutorialz: Christmas Tree

    Adobe Tutorialz: We wish you a Merry Christmas Illustration

    After Effects Freebies and Sales

    Toolfarm Secret Santa Holiday Freebies 2009

    BlueFX: Christmas Snow After Effects Project

    Alpha Plugins Fir Tree Plugin

    Video Copilot: 2009 Holiday Freebie and 40% off Evolution

    Video Copilot: 2008 Holiday Freebies

    All Bets Are Off: 40% off Crowd Control

    Imagineer Systems 3rd Annual Holiday Sale

    Trapcode Particular Holiday Pack

    Christmas Inspiration

    Happy Holidays Stop-Motion Greeting

    A Christmas Reminder

    A Christmas Story - Title/Trailer

    A Sylverados Christmas

    Sky 1, 2 & 3 Ident. "Christmas"

    Grey Group Christmas

    Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence - Form

    Sarajevo Christmas Video

    Hey guys! It's Christmas time!


    American Red Cross — The Perfect Gift

    Trunk Christmas Card 2007

    TTM Xmas card 2007

    Luzes de Natal - 1000 fotos para dizer Feliz Natal

    Christmas Reverie

    'Tis The Season Intro

    Christmas Movie Trailers

    A Christmas Story

    A Christmas Carol

    National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

    How The Grinch Stole Christmas

    The Polar Express


    Home Alone

    The Nightmare Before Christmas

    The Muppet Christmas Carol

    A Charlie Brown Christmas Full Movie

    Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Full Movie

    Dr. Seuss' How The Grinch Stole Christmas Full Movie

    Frosty the Snowman Full Movie

    Other Freebies

    Mac.Appstorm.net Christmas Giveaway

    Web.Appstorm.net Christmas Giveaway

    Toolfarm's Secret Santa Giveaway

    Six Revisions: Winterize - A Free Vector Pack

    Icon Dock: Christmas Holiday Icons

    Smashing Magazine Christmas Icon Set

    Smashing Magazine: Christmas Icons and Christmas Wordpress Themes

    Outlaw Design Blog: Free Icons: Christmas Ornaments for Social Media

    Mels Brushes: Free – Christmas Illustrator brushes

    Vectortuts+: Christmas Vector Pack

    Dezignus: Christmas Gifts

    LazyCrazy on DeviantART: Silent Night Christmas Icons

    GraphicRiver: Free Vector Holiday Illustrations

    Tutorial9.net: Christmas Roundup

    Christmas Themed Fonts

    Kingsthings Christmas

    Candy Cane

    Santa's Sleigh

    Christmas Lights

    Christmas Flakes



    St. Nicholas

    PC Lights

    Santa Time

    Random Fun Holiday Websites and Stuff

    Crappy Santas

    Web Designer Depot: Incredible Examples of Snowflake Photography

    Elf Yourself

    Time Lapse - Christmas Tree In Snow

    Nick Hart: Christmas Morning Kicker Sesh (SnowSkate)

    Robbie Hubert: Christmas Stop-Motion

    James Wheldon: Ringo's Christmas

    O2 Christmas (Cool Motion Graphics)

    Trans-Siberian Orchestra "Christmas Eve Sarajevo" Christmas Lights

    Trans-Siberian Orchestra "Wizards in Winter" Christmas Lights

    2008 - Mannheim Steamroller "Hallelujah" Christmas Lights

    Youtube's Most Creative Christmas Gift (keep annotations on)

    Bob Rivers' Twisted Christmas Radio

    Prank Pack Holiday Prank Boxes

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