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The Top Logo Reveal Projects From VideoHive

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There are some absolutely amazing motion artists over on our sister site, VideoHive.net that sometimes just don't get the recognition that they deserve. Well, we are going start showcasing some of the top projects available on the site, whether you want to use them for projects, or just buy them to learn from their techniques, there is something for everyone!

Particle Writing Logo

3D Flying Logo

Brushed Aluminum Logo

Light Scribble Logo

Logo Transforming

Logo Reveal

Particle Logo Formation

Ribbon Reveal

Atomic Flash

Stylish/Elegant Logo Revealer

Cube Reveal

2 in 1 Bubz

Imaginations Project HD



Air Logo

Abyss Creatures Trailer


Organic Text Reveal

Unfold Logo

Icon Reveal

Interlude Professional

Ident #3

Confetti Reveal

Sand Text


Futuristic GUI Logo Reveal

3D Ocean Logo Reveal


ARGO id Filler

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