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The "PFhoe-ly Cow!" Matchmoving Contest

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It's time again for another super stellar Aetuts+ Contest!. We're teaming up with Pixel Farm to give you a chance to show use your best move.... your best "match move". Here's the deal, we're going to give you a shot, tracked with PFhoe Pro and all ready to go. It's your job to take it to the next level! You don't need PFhoe to participate, check it out!

Step 1

Download 3d Tracked Shot

File size: 56.5 MB

Step 2

Add whatever elements you want to it... have fun, no limitations!

Step 3

Upload Your result to Youtube or Vimeo.

Step 4

Fill out this form and submit your result!


Contest Specifics:

YOU have to be the one to put elements into the shot, feel free to use 3d models or any stock content you own the rights to. Here's the Aetuts+ Logo if you want to use it. The contest deadline is May 6th at midnight. You can submit as many entries as you like, but if it's just a slight variation of the same thing, please don't send me practical duplicates... I don't care if "the color is slightly different in this one". I'll just pick the better one for voting.

Once all the entries are in, I'll post them for you to vote on.

The Prizes:

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