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The Best of Premiere Pro


Eran Stern has launched a new product, The Best of Premiere Pro, with more than 4 hours of training for Adobe Premiere Pro and Production Premium. The package covers various features for intermediate users and ambitious beginners, with dozens of tips and tricks to tame a number of Premiere's gotchas.

Eran covers multicam and some editing, graphic design, titles, audio mixing, and transitions and effects. Over a third of the training deals with a single project using a Dynamic Link workflow with other software in Production Premium -- Photoshop, After Effects, Soundbooth, and Encore to create a Blu-ray HD DVD and interactive content. Eran's an old hand at After Effects, so his coverage is effects-oriented but really aiming to stay inside Premiere for fast render and playback, and only going to AE when really needed.

The focus on gotchas is not the usual stuff you see repeatedly in free tutorials, nor is this package as complete as more expensive sets. Perhaps instead of a section on 3rd-party filters, a section on media management and avoiding reconforming (the "worst" of Premiere) would have been more useful, but there is a niche for problem-solving tutorials for Premiere.

The package is inexpensive and includes 2 free HD clips, courtesy of Artbeats. There's a sample tutorial on Transparent Video in Premiere at Eran's blog; here's the intro:

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