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Ten Tight Tips To Turn Out Terrific Typography

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The word Typography is one of those words that spreads across multiple fields and means very different things to different people. Here on Aetuts+ there have been quite a number of posts on Typography in the past and I’ve always loved this animation style. If this is all new to you, check out this tutorial. This week, we’ll be posting 10 principles to take your typography projects to the next level!

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Every project is different and therefore it’s impossible to write an all encompassing guide to producing a perfect product. The tips I'll be releasing this week are a rough check list to mentally go through as you go to work on your next piece.

If you’ve never tried to create a typography animation, hopefully this week will inspire you to give it a whirl. If you have any other pointers or helpful “rules of thumb”, please share in the comments along the way! :)

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