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Shatter: Classic Tour by Its Inventor

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Total Training has opened the vault to free some classic tutorials by Brian Maffitt with a comprehensive tour of the Shatter plug-in. Brian says that "Shatter has since been updated to use comp cameras as well. Everything else should still work fine!" Dig the retina burn of the old AE user interface below...

Additional info on this effects can be found in AE Help, and Custom Shatter Maps for After Effects and Shatter and disintegration: techniques for our time at AE Portal. See also related resources from Motionworks in these posts, Unplugged 5: interview with Brian Maffitt and Effects A-Z: CC Time Blend FX with Brian Maffitt.

Here's Brian (the creator of Shatter) with a 45-minute intro; catch the other 5 parts on Youtube:

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