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"Setiquette" - How To Have Proper Etiquette On A Film Set


A number of my friends are working on a local film here in Central Virginia this month. Since there are a large number of volunteers from the community, Marc A Hutchins put together a meeting where he could share some helpful tips about how to act on a film set. This was just an easy way for everybody to be on the same page during production. I asked if I could film it to share with you guys... hopefully you'll be able to take away a thing or two. :)

With over $45,000 in video, audio, lighting and grip equipment wrapped in a 3-ton GNE truck, Marc A Hutchins' company Alexander Films supports indie film and commercial productions from South Carolina to Pennsylvania.

Alexander Films has received multiple accolades for commercial and indie film work, to include Auroras, Tellys, Davey, Hugos, Addys, Judges Award and Audience Choice Awards.

"Setiquette" Presentation

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