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Recommended Resources: Motion Graphics

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We utilize numerous tools and services on Tuts+, as well as teach how to use them through regularly published educational material on this site. Here are our top recommended resources for After Effects professionals, which is put together by our editorial staff.

Note that some of the links below are affiliate links. This simply means we'll earn a small commission if you purchase that particular tool or service. If you do, we thank you for supporting Tuts+.

AE Software

Adobe After Effects

With Adobe After Effects CS6 software you can create cinematic visual effects and motion graphics fast. Get unprecedented performance that enables more experimentation without rerendering, powerful new 3D capabilities, Global Performance Cach, and more. Extend your creativity with built-in text and shape extrusion, new mask feathering options, and the fast, easy-to-use 3D Camera Tracker. Learn more over at Adobe.

Imagineer Systems

Imagineer Systems is the Academy Award winning developer of Mocha, which is a Planar Tracking based visual effects solutions for film, video and broadcast post production markets. It is one of the best trackers on the market, easy to use, intuitive, and solves even the most impossible looking shots. Learn more over at Toolfarm.

AE Plug-ins

Red Giant Software

Red Giant offers the industry-leading Trapcode tools for broadcast design; Magic Bullet Suite for color correction; and over 60 software products that run in After Effects and other major video editing software. If you want to expand the capabilities of After Effects, then take a close look at Red Giant's offerings. Learn more over at Red Giant.


Video Copilot provides software solutions for artists working on Film and Television productions. They offer awesome After Effects plugins that work with 3D, they offer high quality 3D models, powerful stock footage actions, and more. Check out their products over at Toolfarm.


Toolfarm is a leading reseller and distributor of video software products and third-party plug-ins, with an emphasis on After Effects plug-ins, as well as 3D Animation plug-ins and software. This is the place to shop for motion graphics tools. Learn more over at Toolfarm.


Mettle is a company that creates and sells 3D plug-ins for Adobe After Effects. Their AE plug-ins are all 3D tools that will help you make cool work faster and easier. Their main software is FreeForm V2, FreeForm Pro, and ShapeShifter AE. Learn more over at Mettle.


Greyscalegorilla is an active community and resource for training and tools for creative types. This is one of the leading sites to learn about motion graphics and 3D software bringing over 20,000 visitors per day. It's managed by Nick Campbell and his team of professionals. Learn more over at Greyscalegorilla.

AE Scripts and Expressions


aescripts + aeplugins is a repository and marketplace of high-end scripts and plugins for many leading 2D and 3D software packages such as Adobe After Effects. Scripts and plugins help enhance and automate otherwise tedious functions and create results not possible any other way. Learn more over at


AEnhancers is a collection of professional animators and compositors from all over the world who use Adobe After Effects to write special scripts, expressions, and presets for the AE community. Not only do they answer questions and provide demonstrations on how they've found new useful features, but many times, the authors will provide the scripts and code for all. You got it, a tremendous set of resources are found in this forum. Learn more over at AEnhancers.


Dan Ebberts' MotionScript houses great AE Expressions and Scripting resources. If you want to learn more about expressions and scripting in After Effects, then this is the spot. Learn more over at

AE News

After Effects Portal

Managed by Rich Young, this is a great place to get your After Effects news. Keep up to date with all the best After Effects resources being released across the AE community. Learn more over at After Effects Portal.

Stock Video Footage


At VideoHive you can buy and sell royalty-free footage and motion graphics as well as After Effects Project files starting at just a few dollars. Items are priced on the complexity, quality and use of the file. VideoHive is an Envato Marketplace and sister site to Tuts+. The site is home to a passionate community of motion graphics junkies! Learn more over at VideoHive.

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