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Recently in After Effects


Here’s a little roundup of some of the latest news on After Effects tutorials, plug-ins, scripts and more.

Adobe's purchase of Iridas tech was mentioned in the last roundup, and Stu Maschwitz added comments in What Adobe Should Do With IRIDAS SpeedGrade. Later it was announced that Adobe and Automatic Duck are partnering with "the aim of bringing absolute best-of-breed workflow integration into Premiere Pro." Steve Forde provided more details, adding that "Wes Plate has joined Adobe, ...as the Product Marketing Manager (PMM) of After Effects (amongst other things)." Before founding Automatic Duck, Wes was perhaps the most visible and helpful advocate of After Effects from the Avid side (along with Frank Capria, now with Avid).

AEtuts+ has a preview of a cool upcoming series, How To Create And Rig A Realistic Puppet. Mettle’s Freeform Pro is used to add impressive depth to character in After Effects, and numerous tips are shared including IK (inverse kinematics) with the free Duik Tools. Author Daniel Gies posted another free series on character animation in After Effects earlier this year, see that series and more in Animate a character in After Effects: A survey of resources.

Angie Taylor has a new course at Video2brain, Kinetic Typography Techniques with After Effects: Master the Art of Animating Text to Voice and Music. You can view several of the tutorials at Angie's blog, which links to more on this 7-hour comprehensive overview workshop at Video2brain.

Todd Kopriva outlined a set of four video tutorials on color keying by Andrew Devis (who has a number of new intros on other topics too). There's much more on keying available through a linkfest on the AE Portal archive, Greenscreen and keying resources.

NaturalHDR is an HDR Tonemapping plug-in for After Effects that's now in beta. Here's the first glimpse of NaturalHDR, which explained nicely at the 19lights website:

Motionworks posted a video tutorial, Experimenting in After Effects, which demos process, including the use of plug-ins like CC Ball Action, Trapcode Lux and Starglow,  Video Copilot Optical Flares, and GenArts Sapphire.

Alex Walker is one of many that want interoperability without an expensive plug-in; he shares his knowledge in Avid Media Composer 5.5 to After Effects CS5.5 Tutorial:

Mark Christiansen continued his ‘After Effects Script of the Week’ series at PVC, with After Effects Script of the Week: pt TextEdit.
Chris and Trish Meyer posted more articles on “hidden gems” in AE:

  • CMG Hidden Gems: Chapter 39 – Integration 101
  • CMG Hidden Gems: Chapter 40 – Integrating with 3D Applications

    Ben Griggs has tutorial series (with project files), Getting Started with Newton Parts 1-5, on the new physics engine plug-in for After Effects, Motionboutique Newton. Check out the "Newton Showcase" for more examples and tutorials. Here's 2 Newton tutorials and an example from their showcase:

    VinhSon Nguyen, who has a number of other tutorials around, shows how Corridor Digital used Trapcode Form to create laser fire in AE: Corridor Digital's Laser Effect Using Form (Dubstep Guns). Here's his tut, along with Dubstep Guns: Making of! on the same video:

    Eran Stern has a new video tutorial on the Mettle ShapeShifter plug-in that covers the basics of displacement mapping, and a few compositing tricks to avoid the limitations of After Effects 3D space.

    In Learning at the Playground, BlurryPixel attempted to resurrect the ancient Particle Playground plug-in built into AE. For more on particles see the history of particles resources at AE Portal, and CC Particle World project(s) from the usual suspect specifically for CC Particle World (also built into AE).



    Graphics Mafia is back and considers C4D R13 and what it means for Sports Motion Graphics.

    Motion League noted that Avid was moving into new ground in post-production with Motion Graphics, an object-based motion graphics application/hardware platform with 3D and text capabilities (with "Dynamic info for charts and type from RSS feeds, XML files, etc."). The last part sounds like what was available in the old Python-based AE plug-in Useful Things.

    Vincent Versace shows you How to remove redness from skintone using hue and saturation in Photoshop:

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