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Premium After Effects Project Files (via VideoHive)

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As many of you know, the team behind Aetuts+ is also responsible for a site called VideoHive which we launched in December last year. VideoHive is a marketplace for buying and selling motion graphics and AE Project files and as our only sponsor pays the mounting bandwidth bills to keep this site running!

Today I'm showcasing some of the best files on our marketplaces over here on Tuts+ to show our audiences not only what's available to buy, but for potential authors what sorts of things you can sell!

Spectrum After Effects CS3 Project

From the Author: A really cool atmospheric sequence that comes alive to your music. Most of the elements within the sequence are driven by whatever music you add to the project. This will allow the visuals to blend with the music and really draw the audience into the sequence. The project is well organized and colour coded to make navigation easy. It is also broken up into scenes so making changes and/or adding in extra copies of scenes (e.g. if you wanted extra media displays) is quite easy.

$25 - More Details & Video Preview

Focal Media Pack

From the Author: Features 6 uniquely themed and customizable animated sequences with text, abstracts and textures all set out for you. (20 sec each approx). 17 Royalty free, High Res, Grunge textures. User guide to help you get started. Colour coded sequence objects and layers. Newbie Friendly! You might never need to look at the user guide.

$20 - More Details & Video Preview

HD Graphics Package

From the Author: Great custom title graphics. This is a totally customizable AE CS3 file. Detailed instructions are included as a pdf. Two comps to use in this one. Everything is fully editable from animation to colors, text, length, and anything you want to change. In shades of silver and black with a metal mesh background. You can export lossless QuickTimes with an alpha channel to overlay over video.

$10 - More Details & Video Preview

Sunny Titles

From the Author: Completely editable project made with standard After Effects tools so you have full freedom to adjust everything. The project consists of eight separate parts. You can build your new project by collecting these parts in any sequence – like meccano! Your new project can have any you needed length, titles and placeholders.

Single titles have an editable 3D-thickness – you can regulate thickness size and it’s colour.

$20 - More Details & Video Preview

Logo Box HD AE Project

From the Author: Are you stepping into the world of motion graphics? Need an open for your company logo? Do you understand the process of compositing 3D and 2D? want to learn by looking at the original file? LogoBox1 is a real world project made as a template for amateur or professional motion graphic artists. LogoBox1 is extremely easy to change and customize. Add your own text, logo and alter any color (Text, boxes, floor). This whole project can be customized in numerous ways. Your imagination is your only limitation.

$15 - More Details & Video Preview

Rake Media Pack

From the Author: 6 Colour Grading Presets, Customisable Background Loops. Make it as long as you want, in any pattern, any colour, any speed. Not the pro? No problem, follow the simple colour coded layers then Copy+Paste! Over 40 bonus vector objects included for your use! Feel free to reedit any of these objects. 7 royalty free grunge textures included! For when you want to dirty it up a little. A random number text layer for the techno savvy. Among the vector objects, this includes a window border vector graphic, just to make that empty space look nice. Make your own “3D” Text. Explained in the video tutorial.

$25 - More Details & Video Preview

News Media Promo

From the Author: This project is good for presentations with both text and media. You can add your own movies, images and text in a few clicks. No experience in After Effects is needed. A tutorial video is included in the package which explains how to customize this project. The project comes in 3 colors, in 3 separate After Effect project files. You can start working with a blue, green or red template. You can also set your own color to the project if you like. (this is also explained in the tutorial video).

$15 - More Details & Video Preview


From the Author: Rotor is an After Effects CS3 project with a dynamic 3D Carousel that support still images and footage, on a reflective floor and blue/grey background. The 3D scene is fully customizable!

$20 - More Details & Video Preview

The Ultimate Display

From the Author: The Ultimate Display Engine is an After Effects CS3 File where you can easily add, or remove items, change the entire look of your scene in matter of minutes. This Image Gallery takes advantage of the easy set up guide to configure the file according your pictures or footage. Match or contrast your items color with the comp elements, and change the particles color and size, background color, depth of field, reflections, in real time with a simple slider.

$15 - More Details & Video Preview

Grunge Title Introduction

From the Author: This is complete motion graphics sequence package. This motion graphics title sequence features a grungy, edgy and intense feel and look that can be utilized in your presentations, motion graphics work and website.You get the After Effects project file completely set up and ready to customize. All of the graphic elements, swishes and background textures are included in the download so you don’t need any third party software; just open up the file in After Effects and your ready to go. As you get all the elements that make up this sequence you therefore can reuse these graphics elements and textures in your other projects, adding extra value to your stock collection.

$12 - More Details & Video Preview

HD Welcome To ... Pack

From the Author: Four folders, three containing AE CS3 project file, and rendered movies in various colors. ( Blue, red, green, purple ) - First one is welcome scheme with some smoke and light effect, in front of a dark liquid background, witch you can render as a separate file. Whole file is looped. -Second one is welcome scheme with some particle, and underwater light effects, and old tv noise effect in the middle. File is looped. -Third one is custom one, with some dummy text, witch you can replace with your own. Background in this one is replaceable. Not looped. In third AE project file you do not need any plug-ins, but for the rest you will need, Cycore and Trapcode Shine.

$10 - More Details & Video Preview

Realistic Flag Animation

From the Author: An after effects project file to simulate the movement of a real flag and where you can add your own flag or company logo. The animation is set to loop at 10 seconds and the resolution is HD 1920X1080 pixels. The instructions are inside the zip file.

$10 - More Details & Video Preview

Action Movie Trailer with Zoom!

From the Author: We have all seen the action movie trailers where the text zooms in all dramatic and then flies by. Guaranteed to add a dramatic feel to whatever you are using it for. No action movie should be without this text effect!

$8 - More Details & Video Preview

AE 3d Movie Carousel

From the Author: The carousel is highly customizable CS3 project, there has been no use of any third party plugins. You can use the carousel both for images and videos or both at the same time. You can edit each item by opening the relevant item under the “Items Folder”. You can choose to add your video/images, any change you make to an to an item it will update itself through out the whole project.

$12 - More Details & Video Preview

Author Showcase Display

From the Author: Drag and drop your footage in the timeline, add the text and your movie is ready to render! Everything can be changed fonts, colors, footage, effects to make this entirely YOUR project. You can change the camera angle of the entire project with a single action, without changing every single layer one by one. Use the template for “reverse-engineering” learning, to discover the settings of effects and transformations. You will find out how to build a project from scratch, how to arrange compositions, set up cameras, link layers together(and so, easier manipulation of files throughout the entire project), set-up titles and sub-titles over composition.

$15 - More Details & Video Preview

Grunge Media Presentation

From the Author: This is a After Effects CS3 project files that can be used for presentations etc. The project is made in full HD (1920×1080) and can be customized with colors, text and media. The file comes with a easy video tutorial that will help you to customize the project of your choice!

$12 - More Details & Video Preview

Air Plus

From the Author:Create a bubble and one cloud with shape layer,insert them in two different particle systems, then mix them

together in a realistic sunshine sky. Give the illusion of the reflection of your logo, animate everything in a smooth way.

Additionally change the sky color,lens flare color, add/remove clouds and bubble, take advantage of the ease set up of this file to have the full control all the element in the scene,just by moving a slider. No prerendered files here and no 3rd party plugs in!

$12 - More Details & Video Preview

Remember the Titles

From the Author:This is a full HD (1920×1080) After Effects CS3 project file. You are able to change the background color, add movies or images in the placeholders, add your own texts. This file comes with a easy video tutorial on how to change all these things.

$12 - More Details & Video Preview

Media Wall AE CS3

From the Author: This is a 3d image or movie gallery, the file is easy to customize,thanks to the easy set up of the most important controls (Light, Bg colors etc). There no prerender element, in this video display gallery and no extra plugin are used.

$20 - More Details & Video Preview

Advanced HD Graphics AE Project

From the Author:Everything is fully editable from animation to colors, text, Shapes, length, anything you want to change, you can.

The main screen emulates a Stylish Title Sequence with an animated background including custom Text Title, Catch phrase & image or video slide show.

$15 - More Details & Video Preview

Above the Clouds

From the Author: Beautiful title animation. Nice view above the clouds, the titles come flying smoothly with the wind as the moon shines and lights up the scene. The file is very easy to use, just read the instructions and you`ll be ready to hit render in a just minute. This project doesn’t need any third party plugins, all you need is in the zip file, including the music.

$12 - More Details & Video Preview


From the Author:Vermillion is an AE CS3 Project File. Vermillion has been designed to allow you to easily add more media sequences and the very detailed instructions make editing the project file a breeze. So you can stick with the four media opportunities I have included or put as many as you like. The project has been prepared at 1920×1080 so you can have HD output or size it down for the web and anything in between. Vermillion is 100% created in After Effects so no pre-rendered files, no third party plug-ins required and everything is 100% editable.

$20 - More Details & Video Preview

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Lately we've been thinking about how our buyers can get better updates on the latest and greatest files, after all our marketplaces have in excess of 15,000 files on them these days! So we're happy to offer a few new ways to get updates:

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And finally if you're after tips on how to use stock effectively - i.e. so it doesn't feel like stock! Check out a neat blog called Stock in Action.

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