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"PFhoe-ly Cow!"... It's Time For You To Vote!


So I was going to judge the entries for the "PFhoe-ly Cow!" Matchmoving Contest myself... by myself, but after watching through them all... I honestly gotta say, "Holy Cow!", it's a tough choice... Basically, I figured I'd see what you guys thought first. You get two picks... who do you think it should be? I'll close voting this Friday the 13th at midnight EST. Vote Below!

David Ellis

Karim Duncan

Karim Duncan 2

Karim Duncan 3

Jayden Beveridge

Robert Hoisan

Blaine Deal

Kevin Snyder

Deac Calin

Spencer Tweed

Spencer Tweed 2

Peter Tromp

Mike Park

Perry-David van Dillen

David Tilman

Scott Wharram

Hannu Hoffrén

Ryan Snider

Jochen Braun

Sachin Man Joshi

Anders Flodihn

Ryan Steel

Daniel Reinoso

Ron Cooney

Ben Griggs

Lukasz Stolarski

Patrick Algermissen

Natalie Conliffe

Paul Galazka

Simon Kipfer

Subhash Naveen Vijapurapu

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