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More After Effects Tips


In 2009 Chris & Trish Meyer had another series of tips, tricks, gotchas, factoids, and shortcuts on PVC, similar to the current one called Hidden Gems (6 of those so far so far). Check 'em out...

After Effects Tips - Installment 1: Learn something new everyday

After Effects Tips - Installment 2: Learn something new everyday

After Effects Tips - Installment 3: The Tips That Got Away

After Effects Tips - Installment 4: A Tip a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

After Effects Tips 5: Going for a Scroll (scrolling banners, ticker tapes, etc)

In that same period Computer Arts posted 50 motion graphics tips, a collection of pithy reminders by 4 broadcast designers, and Melinda Rainsberger added 10 more basics at Nuope in Motion Graphics And 2-D Animation: 10 Tips For A Clean Workflow. Slightly older but useful and highly condensed is Motionworks' Levels Quick Reference Guide and the Curves Quick Reference Guide.

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