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Monologue AE Render Manager


Monologue AE Render Manager is a new free utility from Monologue, a motion design studio in Greece. It's an After Effects command-line interface GUI for Windows that is supposed to render many projects faster than firing up After Effects. Another benefit is easing sometimes tedious command line setups, which are explained in AE Help in Automating rendering with aerender.

There are three ways you can use AE Render Manager:

  • One is pre-configured, which allows you to render projects that already have jobs pre assigned in the After Effects render queue.
  • Then you have Custom Settings, which allows you to set your render settings directly in AE Render Manager.
  • The third, and probably most important, is using it in collaboration with Autodesk’s Backburner for network rendering.

For more information on rendering, see BG Renderer 2.0: Standard Script Updated at AEtuts+, and After Effects render tips and Background rendering with After Effects at AE Portal.

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