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Monitoring And Correction With Color Finesse


Andrew Devis has series of newer tutorials on color in After Effects and Premiere. Here are the ones for AE that use the Color Finesse plug-in, which ships free with After Effects...

The Synthetic Aperture training resources page lists almost every other resource available for Color Finesse. Related articles include: White balance + more with Color Finesse and Profiles and color management in AE at AE Portal, How to talk to a Colorist by Alexis Van Hurkman, and a review of the book Color Correction For Video by Steve Hullfish at AEtuts.

By the way, there are 2 other 3rd party plug-ins that provide easier monitoring in AE (not in a modal dialog box): Synthetic Aperture Test Gear and Metadma ScopoGigio. An interesting free Pixel Bender filter was posted on Video Copilot last year, Waveform Monitor by Peter Werner, shown below.

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