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Launch of the New Cinema4D Category on VideoHive


VideoHive has been buzzing over the recent launch of a new category – Cinema4D.

Cinema 4D is a ultra-flexable modeling, animation and rendering package that in the right hands can produce some amazing work. Here is an example of the work that is available right now over at VideoHive. And if you're a Cinema4D designer, what are you waiting for? Show us your stuff!

Corporate Broadcast 3D TV News Logo Opener

This 3D Business Channel Logo project file is very similar to news channel logos on TV. This is easy to pick up and use for any skill level in both Cinema 4D and After Effects and in case you need help a tutorial is included with this project.

Cinematic Titles 3 in 1

This intro pulls you in with its fast-tempo opening and dynamic graphics. Use it in a high-octane action intro or in a project that requires some punch! Multiple versions and backgrounds are included.

Glitch Logo

Take your project to the next dimension with this 3D logo reveal. Included is an editable Cinema 4D file and an After Effects file.


This logo and title reveal combines the old glitchy film look with spacey backgrounds and lots of lens flare.

Light Trail Logo

If you love the swirly light-trial look, you’ll really like this logo reveal. Included is a 22 minute video guide that will get you up and running quickly.

Black Gloss Logo

Stun your audience with a little gloss! Included are alternate endings depending on how you want the logo to face the camera.

EPICA 7in1

What’s so epic about this Cinema4D intro? You’ll just have to watch the seven different logo reveals to find out.

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