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JavaScript Concepts for AE Scripts

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Jesse Toula posted Part 1 of Scripting for After Effects.

"Part 1 will go over the basic JavaScript concepts that will be needed to create your first script. This tutorial will not turn you into an expert, but it will give you a starting point and a basic understanding of the capabilities of scripts and how they can help improve your work-flow."

Jesse has some other interesting scripts and tutorials, so check out his blog, BatchFrame.

Check out also the 5-part series on scripting by Frederik Steinmetz, right here on AEtuts+.

For even more, see Dan Ebberts' chapter on scripting in Creating Motion Graphics With After Effects by Trish & Chris Meyer and a similar one by Adobe engineer Jeff Almasol for VFX Studio Techniques by Mark Christiansen, Lloyd Alvarez's AENY presentation on AE scripting, AE CS5 Help on Scripts and Expressions -- as well as the piled-on post Expressions & Scripting Resources for After Effects and AE Portal posts tagged expressions and scripting. By the way, Lloyd Alvarez has had an ongoing course teaching an Introduction to After Effects Scripting at fxphd.

Update: part 2 is up.

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