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Introduction To Vue 9 xStream: Part 6 Working With Materials

This post is part of a series called An Introduction To Vue 9 xStream.
Introduction To Vue 9 xStream: Part 5 Working With Ecosystems
Introduction To Vue 9 xStream: Part 7 Creating Animations

Today Wassim Ouartsi is back with part 6 of his massive Introduction To Vue 9 xStream series. In this lesson we'll take an in-depth look at working with materials in Vue. Topics include both the Basic and Advanced material editors and their functions, using layers and creating mixed materials. So let's get to it!

When you first start using a new software package, you’re a little bit lost. As you don’t really know where to start, what the options and parameters stand for, what the buttons do, etc… This tutorial series was made to introduce you to the best software for creating Natural 3D Environments, that software is: Vue 9 xStream. We’ll take a in-depth look of every aspect of Vue 9, starting with the user interface and working up to very complex environments!

Note: click the 'Monitor' icon to view tutorial in full-screen HD.

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