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HDRi Skies, 1M pageviews and Long Live 3D!

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Last year the team here at Envato decided it was time to get involved in 3D in a big way. Nine months on and everything is really coming together. I thought I'd take a quick moment to show you some of the gorgeous work profiled on Creattica, the awesome items available on 3DOcean and share some stats from right here on Cgtuts+.

Inspirational 3D

Creattica showcases inspirational work from a variety of media including Ads, Photoshop, Logos and of course 3D. With just over 5,000 items there is more than enough to get the creative juices flowing for even the most brutal of creative blocks! Check out a few of the 3D highlights:

Think you've got the mad 3D talents? Submit your work for fame and glory!!

Gorgeous HDRi Skies

Our newest 3D entry is of course the brand new marketplace for 3D Models, CG Textures and Materials and Shaders - 3DOcean. The site is slowly but steadily gearing up to be another killer marketplace. Among the best items on the marketplace at the moment are Peter Guthrie's brilliant collection of high res, high dynamic range HDRi skydome panoramas selling for $27 a piece. Check them out below. And if you haven't heard of Peter, check out his beautiful portfolio of architectural visualisation at PeterGuthrie.net:

View more Popular Files on 3DOcean and if you'd like to start selling your own work Become an Author!

1 Million Pageviews a Month and Counting!

Meanwhiles here on Cgtuts+ the traffic is growing in leaps and bounds. We're thrilled to say that we're serving up over a million pageviews a month here and rising. This is all really thanks to our superiorly talented editor Kaleb Aylsworth and his team!

If you're interested in advertising to the Cgtuts+ audience, ads are a complete steal at just $125 p/month ... yes you read that correctly, that's like 10 cents p/thousand impressions :-)

So we're off to a great start with our commitment to 3D here at Envato and we're hoping they'll only get bigger, badder and better in the months to come!

Long Live 3D!

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