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"Have It Your Way" Week on Aetuts!

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I am happy to announce "Have It Your Way" week here on Aetuts! This week is dedicated to helping make your life easier by showing you how to create your own Custom Effects. If you are unfamiliar with what Custom Effects are, check out this article to see what the difference is. We have a number of tutorials and downloads specially made with you in mind to save time and effort in your many creation endeavors. Check in everyday to see what's on the menu and Have It Your Way!

Things to look forward to this week:

  • Momcilo will help you get familiar with How To Create A Custom Effect where he'll take you through the steps and help you get comfortable with the process at your own pace.
  • We then have another tutorial from Momcilo using what you've just learned to Create A Custom Vignette Effect. This will just be practical example of how you can use CE's to save you time on stuff you find yourself doing over and over again...
  • Next, there will be a 3D Layer Distributor tutorial. This awesome little CE from Rob Schofield will allow you to spread out your layers in 3d space with ease.
  • Make Jack Bauer proud with this "24" Title Opener Tutorial by Jorrit Schulte where you can download his CE and he'll show you step by step how to use it "Your Way"!
  • Also from Jorrit, you can download his free Deinterlacerator CE to redeem your old DV footage stricken with scan-line syndrome.
  • We've collecting together a "Microwave-Ready" Roundup where you can browse through a number of Free Presets and CE's packaged up and ready for you to use.
  • Lastly, we'll be throwing a Special Order Giveaway where YOU get to pick the prize! Whether it be a Free Plus Membership, Incredible Free Software/Plugins, or just straight up Free Cash... YOU get to decide!! (details to come)

What Do You Want?

Here at Envato, we are constantly striving to meet the needs and desires that our viewers may have. Let us know what you think would make our sites better... We're more then open to hear your requests and opinions... If YOU were running this site and really could "Have It Your Way" what you you do?

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