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From Maya to Source Engine: Creating a Game Ready Team Fortress 2 Hat

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Read Time: 2 min

Today we've got an exciting new tutorial for all you Team Fortress 2 fans and Mod enthusiasts where you'll learn how to Model, Sculpt, Retopo, UVMap, Texture and Bake your very own 'Americana' inspired hat for use in TF2 using Maya, ZBrush, Nex, xNormal and Photoshop.

Shaun Keenan will take you through each stage of the process in detail and show you just what it takes to create a hilarious looking in game asset worthy of TF2's unique style. You'll also learn how to correctly compile the hat for use in the Source Engine and how to upload and publish it to Valve's Steam Workshop.

Note: To complete this tutorial you must own a copy of Team Fortress 2 for PC!

Additional Files/ Plugins:


Video 1: Blocking the Base Mesh in Maya

Video 2: Sculpting in ZBrush

Video 3: Hat Re-topology in Maya using Nex

Video 4: UVMapping

Video 5: Texturing

Video 6: Compiling for the Steam Workshop & TF2

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