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FreeForm Third Party.... Party! And You're Invited!

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Create the movie title of your dreams using After Effects and any Third Party Plug-ins you'd like (bundled with AE or sold separately) and you may win over $5,000 in prizes. Check out the contest details below!

Aetuts+ has teamed up with Mettle (Creators of FreeForm Pro + ShapeShifter AE) to put together a contest to help build community, spark creativity, and hopefully give you a chance to show us what you can do. Plug-in companies are always looking for talented artists to use their products to create amazing results. That is exactly what we're looking for with this contest... something unique! Prizes from some of the top AE-related companies out there.... including Adobe itself!

The fake movie title you are working with is "Flux", the genre is completely up to you. Your animation needs to be between 5-30 seconds. Submit your entry at 1080 HD 24p as well as the collected project file you used to create it. Use After Effects and your choice of plug-ins (bundled or sold separately) to create your entry. Kudos for those who use Freeform and/or included the Aetuts+ Logo. (Not obligatory).


Animation Specs

  • Movie Title: Flux
  • Genre: Your Choice
  • Duration: 5-30 seconds
  • Resolution: HD 1080 24p
  • The project file(s) and all assets may be re-distributed freely by Aetuts+ and the sponsors of this contest. If you don't know how to collect files, Here's how you do it.


  • Your entry must be original art that you have created.
  • 3d software may used, but only as a tool like creating an *.obj for Plexus to use. The vast majority of the work needs to be done within After Effects
  • Collaborations are permitted even encouraged.
  • You may submit more then one entry, but only one winning entry per person.
  • Deadline is Sunday, October 9th 2011 at Midnight EST
  • Judge panel of high profile AE experts to be disclosed at a later date.
  • Top winners will get first choice from the pool of prizes.



1 License After Effects CS 5.5 (Mac or Windows)

AE Scripts
2 Licenses BG Renderer
1 License Immigration

Envato Marketplace
$100 in Marketplace Credit

Cycore FX
2 x CFX Mega Bundle

1- Megasuite

Drop Drop
1 Top Secret Package

Imagineer Systems
1 License Mocha Pro

1 license of Expressions Timeline and CopyMask2Layer

Motion Boutique
2 Licenses of Newton

Revision FX:
1 Licenses of Re:Flex (Mac or Win)

1 License FreeForm Pro Windows
1 License ShapeShifter AE Windows
1 License Mylenium Edition For FF Pro
1 License Aqua Pack for FF Pro

Red Giant Software
1 Trapcode Suite

1 License Plexus

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