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Freebie: 12 High-Res Fabric Textures - Premium Pack Preview

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Once again Chandan Kumar brings us this week’s freebie content. Chandan has put together a great set of fabric textures for an upcoming Premium texture pack. Today we have a preview containing 12 high-res fabric textures that are freely available to everyone. If you like these, keep an eye out for our upcoming premium pack which contains many more of these amazing textures!

Pack Preview

Chandan's website is www.vfxrider.com and he'd love you to head on over and take a look!
If you'd like to produce freebie content for Cgtuts+, and have your portfolio/website address published for all to see, head on over to our 'Write for Us' section to see how you can submit. We're always looking for great content to share with the community!
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