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Free New Tuts+ Premium Course - "Cinematic Effects in After Effects"

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After Effects can be used to make footage look more cinematic in many ways. Unfortunately, many tutorials out there simply show ways to degrade footage to make it look like old film, but real cinematic effects are created through adding depth, directing attention and removing mistakes.


This course will cover ways to create more separation between foreground, midground and background. It'll show how to introduce foreground elements to moving shots, and perform sky replacement (a prime Hollywood skill these days.) You can also remove mistakes such as unwanted booms and the ever-present 'Exit' signs that appear in so many low budget productions. It would then show how to relight an image, so that - for example - more light can be added to an actors eyes, or a poorly lit wall can be smoothed out.

You can even create digital makeup to make an actor look more attractive. These are the secrets of making footage look cinematic no matter you're budget. This course will give a brief taste of what can be achieved using After Effects.

Watch the "Cinematic Effects in After Effects" Course

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