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Follow Your Favorite Tuts+ Twitter Account to Its New Home


The 4th of August will mark the start of our new streamlined Twitter accounts. For years now we’ve run multiple Twitter accounts based on our old blog style site setup. So in the past if you’ve been interested in design and illustration you’ve had to follow both @psdtuts and @vectortuts to ensure you were up to date on all of the latest tutorials and courses relevant to you. With the launch of the new Tuts+ website we feel it’s time to pull our social media accounts into line to give you one account per interest to follow.

What Does This Mean for You?

Not all of our accounts will change. If you currently follow @tutsplus, @wdtuts,@audiotuts, @phototuts, @gamedevtuts, @crafttuts, @tutsbusiness or @tutscompskills these will all remain unchanged.

As set out below, some of our accounts will be renamed and become the new account for each topic. If you already follow this account you don’t need to do anything, just prepare for the account name to change on August 4th.

If you follow one of the old accounts that is being discontinued, you will need to head across and follow the new account to make sure you still receive our regular updates. The old accounts will be closed with no further tweets from the 3rd of August.

New Twitter Accounts are tutsplusdesign tutspluscode and cgtuts

What’s Next?

In the future you can expect to receive the same great tutorial and course updates plus we’re adding in weekly tips and the opportunity for you to have more input. If you haven’t already, jump on board with @tutsplusdesign,@tutspluscode and @cgtuts to make sure you don’t miss any updates.

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