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Envato's Most Wanted - Broadcast Category


We've put a $6,000 bounty on the heads of Envato's most wanted file type - Broadcast Packages in Sports, Fashion and Holiday on VideoHive. How do you collect? Be one of the first 15 to have a Broadcast Package item uploaded and approved. What’s the reward? We’ll hand out $100 per item, and authors can potentially win two prizes (plus a bonus prize) for each subcategory—that's a possible nine prizes!

We’re also running a Best Item Contest (voted by Envato staff). Authors of all Broadcast Packages submitted between June 20 and August 5 will have a chance to win the following bonus cash prizes:

Best Sports Item

  • 1st Best Item - $750
  • 2nd Best Item - $500
  • 3rd Best Item - $250

Best Holiday Item

  • 1st Best Item - $750
  • 2nd Best Item - $500
  • 3rd Best Item - $250

Best Fashion Item

  • 1st Best Item - $750
  • 2nd Best Item - $500
  • 3rd Best Item - $250

Broadcast Packages are the type of branding resources needed by TV channels to craft their identity. They are After Effects project files that come with everything needed to create broadcast-quality intros, bumpers, promos, idents, graphics, schedules, lower-thirds and more.

Some examples of Broadcast Packages include:

1. Broadcast Design Sport ID

Broadcast Design Sport ID

A complete broadcast sport package with openers, transitions, lower thirds, logo ID's, bumpers, backgrounds and more.

2. Broadcast Design - Complete On-Air Soccer Package

Broadcast Design - Complete On-Air Soccer Package

Complete broadcasting design package created for a Soccer Championship. Package includes all type of graphic elements needed for On-air live broadcasting.

3. Glow TV Broadcast Package

Glow TV Broadcast Package

A complete TV broadcast package with bumpers, lower thirds, logo ident's, day / night promos, slide transitions, info boxes, AD boxes and more.

To learn more, visit our Broadcast Packages category on VideoHive, and check out the subcategories: Fashion, Holiday, News, Sports, Transitions, Miscellaneous.

Envato's Most Wanted

The purpose of Envato's Most Wanted is to add even more stunning items to the Sports, Fashion and Holiday subcategories.

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