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Digieffects Atmosphere Introduction & Giveaway!

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    I know how much you all love new plugins, and I know how much you love free stuff as well! Well, I figured I would combine the two and show you DigiEffects' new plugin, Atmosphere! It's a handy little tool that aids you in creating some nice looking hazy atmospheric looks to your compositions with hardly any steps. Oh yeah... did I mention were giving two licenses PLUS we have an exclusive coupon code.. oh yeah... good stuff.


      What We Are Giving Away:

      • 2x Licenses of DigiEffects Atmosphere plugin
      • Exclusive AEtuts+ coupon code for the Atmosphere plugin

      If you have ever tried creating atmospheric effects inside of After Effects, you know how hard, time consuming and frustrating it can actually be. What Atmosphere does is take the hassle out of all that complex setup, and puts it in one simple plugin and a few easy parameters to tweak to get your desired result. Create complex camera moves, hazy composites, and photorealistic 2.5d scenes the way you want with very little effor on your part. Keep an eye out for more of these simple, yet highly useful plugins from DigiEffects in the coming months... there is guaranteed to be some amazing plugins on the horizon!

      How To Enter:

      All you have to do is comment below with your email linked to your name! Feel free to plug your site, Twitter, Facebook, or whatever you want. Maybe you could voice an idea on what you could use the plugin for? It's up to you. We will be closing this giveaway in two weeks on Feb 5th, midnight EST.

      The Coupon Code:

      Alright, so if you absolutely can't wait to try out this plugin, you can head over to DigiEffects.com and purchase a copy of Atmosphere for 25% off the actual price of $49! Just enter the coupon code "AETUTS" before final checkout to get your discount! Make sure you act fast though, because the coupon code isn't going to last forever!

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