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CS5 Evolves: Warp Stabilizer + Red Epic So Far


This is the eve of the next step in the evolution of the Adobe CS suites, as indicated in Adobe messages around the internet last week. Adobe has kept things fairly quiet on Twitter since yesterday, but they had previewed a couple of sneak peeks for After Effects on a Warp Stabilizer and Adobe Red Epic support.

On the Red forum, David McGavran of Adobe mentioned that Epic support for Premiere, After Effects, and Adobe Media Encoder, which works like other Red footage (with mixed timelines) and includes Red Rocket support.



And you may have seen the preview for Warp Stabilizer, but Chris Meyer added a first look based on personal experience, Updated: Adobe Warp Stabilizer (P)Review. There's also a technical  backgrounder from the research team, including video, in Subspace Video Stabilization. Warp Stabilizer seems amazingly easy to use and even eliminates some rolling shutter problems, but it won't perform miracles like getting rid of motion blur in hand held footage.

The countdown has commenced and news from NAB will be coming fast & thick very soon. Among the many news resources is dedicated coverage from ProVideo Coalition and FreshDV. FreshDV has a video backgrounder on their workflow up already.
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