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Color Grading Week Winners

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Hope you all enjoyed Color Grading Week here on Aetuts+. Just wanted to say a quick congrats to the winners! We ran a little contest on our Facebook Page as well... If you're not a fan already, like us! We'll definitely be doing some more giveaways soon!

For our two "comment" winners. I used random.org and no lie... first number it generated was "1", second was "42"...

Comment WinnersComment WinnersComment Winners

so congrats to:

Nicholas Weber

Nick M

For the Facebook Contest, I posted:

Hey guys... upload a picture of yourself with the word "Aetuts+" written out and I'll pick the best one by the end of the week to get a free copy of Magic Bullet Looks! Facebook only contest. :)

The winners were

Ryo Takahashi

Aky Hađža Petran

Honorable Mention to Dave Rogers:

Check out all the pictures on our Facebook Page!

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