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Check Out the New Recommended Resources on 3D


We've added a new page to the site, which will help CG artists grab top quality software, tools and gear. It's filled with our favorite resources that we recommend for 3D graphic professionals. You can jump straight over to our Recommended Resources page here on Cgtuts+ or read on for further information.

Hand Picked Resources for CG Artists

Our Tuts+ editorial team has hand-picked these resources, which feature top quality 3D applications. Our goal here is to feature the highest quality, useful resources that we highly recommend and in most cases use ourselves. It's a quick stop to finding the best of the best when you have an urgent need to fill as a 3D graphics professional.

Keep an eye out for more of these site sections as our Resource pages roll out across the Tuts+ network.

Jump over to the 3D Recommended Resources Page

What 3D Graphics Tools Do You Recommend?

This is version 1.0 of this 3D Resources page. We'll continue to add to it and grow this section of the site. We could use your help with that!

Are there any awesome apps, tools, gear or services that you feel we missed? Bounce into the discussion below and leave a comment about what resource you recommend to fellow computer graphics experts.

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