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Cgtuts+ Poll: Choose A Tutorial To Launch The "Film Studio Logo Animation Series"

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Today we're happy to announce a brand new tutorial series coming soon to Cgtuts+, and giving you an chance to tell us exactly what you want to see! "The Film Studio Logo Animation Series" will cover the creation of popular logo animations from the biggest studios in Hollywood, including Dreamworks Animation, 20th Century Fox, Warner Brothers Entertainment and Paramount pictures, to name just a few.

These tutorials will teach you exactly what goes into creating professional high quality logo animations and intros and will be authored by professional artist Antonio Cerri, the main man behind the popular "Hollywood Movie Title Series" that runs over on our sister site "Aetuts+"

Below you'll find a collection of Twelve logo animations from the major studios, so take a look, choose your favorite and then cast your vote! We'll be running the poll for the next two weeks, and then based on your votes, we'll prioritize the order in which the tutorials are created and released.

The Contenders

20th Century Fox


Dreamworks Animation SKG

Legendary Pictures

New Line Cinema

Paramount Pictures

Revolution Studios

Screen Gems

Spyglass Entertainment

Universal Pictures

Village Roadshow Pictures

Warner Bros. Pictures

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