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Build Me Some Hope: Lip-Synced Character Animation Series Overview


Here is a sneak peek and introduction to an excellent tutorial series on Character Animation in After Effects by David Legion. We'll be posting a new part each week, so stay tuned.

Series Overview

Content Breakdown

  • Part 1: Building a Displacement Map for the character's face.
  • Part 2: Rigging the face using Puppet pins, nulls, and expressions.
  • Part 3: Create control expressions using custom sliders.
  • Part 4: Automated lip syncing using MamoWorld's Auto Lip Sync.
  • Part 5: Create a working jaw with simple shapes.
  • Part 6: Create a swinging head of hair for you puppet using simple code.
  • Part 7: Create controllers for the heads and eyes.
  • Part 8: Switching out language tracks but retaining your lip sync.
  • Part 9: Using Cinema 4D to create a basis for your displacement map.
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