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Best of the Web - September


There's plenty of great stuff out there on the Web, and every month we'll be rounding up some of the best Photoshop tutorials and downloads like brushes, fonts, and filters around in our monthly Web Roundups.

These are one of a few new features I'll be introducing over the next month as we build up a good, regular schedule for PSDtuts. If there's anything extra you'd like to see in the monthly Web Roundups, please do let me know!

Tutorial Wrap

  • Slow Shutter Text

    This tutorial produces a pretty damn cool-looking glow effect.

    Visit Tutorial

  • Fake Text Wrap in Photoshop

    A clever little tutorial that lets you achieve something people usually do in programs like InDesign using Photoshop paths.

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  • Make a Realistic Metal Object

    This tutorial to make an mp3 player is a good lesson in rendering life-like metal objects in Photoshop, very well-explained and done.

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  • Super Photoshop Illustration - The Blues Singer

    If painting/illustration in Photoshop is your thing, you'll love this tutorial! I wish I could do things like that.

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  • Optimizing the Photoshop Workspace

    Understanding how to make the most out of Photoshop begins with knowing the tools you use and effectively organizing your workspace, that's why this tutorial is a good platform for anyone just getting to know the program, or even if you've been using PS for a long time but want to learn a few new shortcuts and methods.

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  • Turn a Daylight Room into a Dark Room!

    I love a bit of photo manipulation, and in this tutorial we see how to take an ordinary room lit in daylight and flip it. Very clever!

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  • Creating a 3D Text Effect with Paths

    Every release of Photoshop has been getting more vector powers, and with this little path tutorial, you'll make a pseudo-3D text element. It's quite an educational process.

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  • Give Your Photos a Retro Comic Book Effect

    This is probably my favorite tutorial of the month. It's simple and looks fantastic!

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  • Create Realistic Tap Water

    Creating water effects can be pretty tricky, but this simple tutorial is a neat effect for making pouring water.

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(FREE!) Download Picks

  • FONT: Fatboy Slim

    A slick graffiti-style font courtesy of UrbanFonts.

    Visit Download Site

  • TEXTURES: Dirt!

    Textureking has zillions of textures, one of my favorite categories has to be the dirt and sand category!

    Visit Download Site

  • BRUSH: Spiderman Pattern

    This is more of a texture than a brush, but nevertheless it's awesomely cool!

    Visit Download Site

  • VECTORS: Awesome Paint Vectors

    Splash up your designs with some neat little vectors courtesy of Vecteezy.

    Visit Download Site

Article Wrap

  • Stay Fresh

    My favorite magazine ComputerArts had a great article about keeping your work fresh in their latest issue and you can read it online for free...

    Read the Article

  • Creativity Spark from the Masters of Illustration

    You've probably seen this because it was a phenomenally popular post over at SmashingMagazine, but in case you haven't head over and take in the gorgeous work...

    Read the Article

  • The Making of a Great Photography Website: Three Distinct Approaches

    Layers Magazine has an interesting article about different approaches to a photography website. I love photographer's websites because if the owner is any good at their trade, you just know it's going to look good with all those great pictures!

    Read the Article

  • How To Improve Your Publicity Design

    Over on our sister-site FreelanceSwitch there's a neat article about how to get into Publicity Design which is a booming market for freelance design work!

    Read the Article

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