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Best of the Best - AE Project Files on VideoHive

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Welcome to the first installment of an on-going series. Best of the best will feature a few files from each category on VideoHive that are... well... the best of the best, at the time of writing (in no particular order). All files chosen excel in terms of quality, complexity, and usefulness. Not so much based on sales, and popularity. I can guarantee that any file listed below will knock your socks off, and plan to continue the BOTB installments from now on. So stay tuned!

City & Forest Sunset Time Lapse

This beautiful time lapse was shot from a high altitude, overlooking mostly forest, but some visible urban elements down below. The stunning angle helps provide a perfect view to capture this brilliant sun set time lapse with clouds passing overhead. As a little added bonus, the first few seconds of this shot show a very classy, real, lens flare!

$8 - More Details & Video Preview

Winter Forest

Stunning and tranquil shot from deep inside a forest during winter. Great angle and composition here, clearly showing the Sun's rays breaking through the trees to highlight the falling snow. Come Winter, I could see this being a clutch video to use is practically any project.

$6 - More Details & Video Preview

Beach With Big Rocks

A very relaxing, slow paced beach shot. It appears to be a cool day during low tide. The rocks are the clear focus in this one, but the beach in the back with the waves pouring in help break this shot up, and really capture the moment.

$6 - More Details & Video Preview

Cascade Waterfall

This is a fantastic shot, from the bottom of a waterfall. Crystal clear water, and great scenery help make this shot super calm, and a great addition to any nature themed production. The fact that it loops only makes this stock file even better. I wouldn't be surprised if I walked into someone's house and saw this looping on a TV, or computer as a screen saver.

$6 - More Details & Video Preview

Climbing Landscape

This larger than life shot is made up of a number of unbelievable elements. Not only does this cave appear to be high in the mountains, which by the way, look fantastic in the background. But the big kicker here is the silhouette of the cave, and the person practically climbing upside down, from what appears to be a very high surface!

$6 - More Details & Video Preview

Sun, Field & Clouds

I couldn't refrain from adding this little shot to the list. Be it short, this shot has a huge impact. The vibrant green in the rolling hills, or bright blue from the sky above really captivate the viewer. This would be a great cut shot for a short film, or production.

$6 - More Details & Video Preview

High Quality Earth Animations

This set of animations was made with such a high level of quality, that I feel like it was pulled from a Science based television network. What makes this even better is that the realistic nature of these videos coupled with the perfect camera moves really compete with those pro animations one would expect to see on TV. This is really a must have for any science based project.

$15 - More Details & Video Preview

Light Bulb

A super realistic set of animations featuring light bulbs flying forward. Great depth of field applied only adds to the realism. Author Felt_Tips really went big on this one, setting up the animations so that they can be easily customized by cutting and moving around to allow the end user a bunch of different options when compositing. Have the bulbs fly at the screen, fly away from the screen, get to a certain point and stop, the sky is the limit.

$10 - More Details & Video Preview

3D Rings

An oldie, but good from Triworks. This video is one part of a pretty robust set of these animations. With a high-tech feel, this would make any ident really shine. Perfect as just a background, or usable as an element. The quality is top notch on this one. Oh... and it also loops seamlessly!

$8 - More Details & Video Preview

Beautiful Natural Bliss

Natural Bliss is one of those animations that just make you happy. The elements all fit perfectly together, and each one compliments the other. This would really be great as a background to some titles, or the beginning sequence to a DVD Menu.

$8 - More Details & Video Preview

Dream Membrane

One of Bushido's classic files. Dream Membrane is a hypnotizing animation, that would be a perfect overlay element. Drop it over any subtle background and you can really enhance the feel of the project! Loops seamlessly, and use the Screen blending mode to get rid of the background.

$8 - More Details & Video Preview


Spectrum is one of those projects that don't come around too often. The quality here is unmatched. Featuring tons of places to put video or images, not to mention perfectly matching text for each cut and a fully working audio spectrum to top it all off. This project is superb!

$30 - More Details & Video Preview

Urban Destruct 2

This project delivers such a high impact. With a very urban feel, it starts out slow, but quickly builds to be a very robust, and complete opening sequence. Plenty of spots to fill in your own text along with some video that pop out of shipping containers. I am still waiting for the day I go to the theater and see this as the opening titles for a feature film!

$30 - More Details & Video Preview

Photo Album 2

This file was chosen for a few reasons. It's ability to present a bunch of images in a very clean manner being one of them. But the real winner for this file is the level of quality. Every element of this digital desk has been meticulously composited into the scene. All color matched perfectly, making this project look like a real environment.

$30 - More Details & Video Preview

Photographer Presentation

This project provides its buyers with a super trendy, high-impact way to present images. Perfect for any city themed project, or great for a model or photographer. Featuring a bunch of image screens that can hold stills or footage. The camera perfectly carries the viewer through the slideshow, with little flashes and sounds to help captivate even further.

$20 - More Details & Video Preview

Focal Media Pack

Focal, has always been a big boy on VideoHive. Mainly because it brings so much to the table. Providing a project but also a bunch of stock textures, all seamlessly woven into this grungy, yet trendy project file. Text and graphics can easily be swapped out, making this project super easy for the buyer.

$20 - More Details & Video Preview

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