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Behavior Presets Introduction


Trish & Chris Meyer have a new video snippet, embedded below, on Behavior presets like Wigglerama. Behaviors in After Effects are animation presets based on expressions. An excerpt on Presets from their book Creating Motion Graphics is also available.

It's refreshing to see a tutorial that tells people to double-click the preset or drag it into the comp window -- most tutorials have people drag into timeline.

Another CS5 tutorial on presets by Chad Perkins also looks at the Behaviors presets (also below).

For more tutorials and resources on presets, see AE Help and AEP posts labelled presets or Animation Preset. To get under the hood quick, see Building Effects From The Ground Up from Pro Juice, which shows how to create effects similar to Video Copilot Twitch with just built-in filters and Wigglerama.

Behaviors | After Effects Apprentice 04: Layer Control | by Chris Meyer and Trish Meyer

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