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Aurora - Steampunk Short Film Q and A - Tuts+ Workshop


A while back I had the below email waiting for me in my inbox. I watched the film and truly enjoyed what these guys were able to do with so little. I thought it might be fun to post their film and see what you all thought. Do you have any questions you'd like to ask the director?

This was the email I had received:

My name is Chris Kellett and I'm a young film maker in Australia. I just come off a film that has taken an independent crew 3 and a half years to make for a budget of only $1,800. The film contains over 375 VFX shots and was only made possible by people like AE Tuts who guided so many of our VFX artists in our early learning in After Effects. I'm writing to not only share our story about making an action adventure epic for no money but to deliver a thank you to the community you've established here online because it really is a brilliant resource that made our film possible. Numerous tutorials were relied on to learn what we needed from the opening titles to the gun shots in the climax of the film.
Thanks for everything you've done for the online community and if there are any questions on the film please don't hesitate to ask as its the least we can do after you've answered so many questions of ours at Aetuts+.

Watch Aurora

Let us know what you think or if you have any questions.

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