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Around the Web After Effects Tutorial Roundup

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We've been on a roll since we launched at the end of last year so for this friday we thought we'd take a short breather and showcase some of the great tutorials from around the web.

After Effects Tutorial Roundup

  • Greyscale Gorilla: Intro to After Effects

    Nick Campbell has stormed onto the scene with a daily tutorial cast over at his Greyscale Gorilla site, he started with Aperture and Photoshop tuts but we have rejoiced that he started doing AE tuts. Appropriately he is starting with the basics: Intro to After Effects. We are also very happy to announce that Nick will be making a tutorial for Aetuts+!

    Visit Tutorial

  • An introduction to typsetting in After Effects

    Continuing with the introductory training, AE training pioneers Chris and Trish Meyer, announce the release of the second edition of their must have After Effects Apprentice Book with a series of free tutorials over at their Pro Video Coalition blog CMG Keyframes.

    Visit Tutorial

  • Keep Your Eye on the Ball

    When you're ready to move on from the basics, Layers Mag has an intro to 3D space in After Effects; this fun tutorial shows you how to tame the 3D camera in After Effects.

    Visit Tutorial

  • The Dancing Can

    John Dickinson has been sharing AE knowledge on the web for years and he is still at the top of his game with this comprehensive four part tutorial that covers a wide range of features from the puppet tool to creating 3D text animation

    Visit Tutorial

  • Chromatic Aberration is in the Air!

    We were clearly not the only ones who thought chromatic aberration was cool this month. While we showed you how to add it, Creative Cow's Carl Larsen did a podcast tutorial on how to remove it.

    Visit Tutorial

  • Et Plus!

    Meanwhile Maltaannon is preparing to release a Pixel Bender plugin to facilitate Separating RGB channels which is essentially the same thing. Read More

    Finally AE Portal News let us know that Forging Fire posted an After Effects CS3 Split RGB Channels project.

    Download Project

  • Making it Look Great 5: Form Face

    Speaking of Maltaannon, Red Giant Software is hosting the Making It Look Great 5: Form Face tutorial as a free two-part download.

    Visit Tutorial

  • Totally Useless Experiment

    And why not? Let's mention another great Maltaannon tut! In this tutorial Maltaannon shows us how to encode and decode a video image. Even though he calls it completely useless we found it to be a completely fresh and original tutorial.

    Visit Tutorial

  • Track Greenscreen Data from Mocha

    From the advanced camp, studiodaily.com brings us a great tutorial on how to get tracked greenscreen data from Imagineer System's excellent Mocha tracker into After Effects.

    Visit Tutorial

  • The Ring

    Finally, no AE tutorial roundup would be complete without mentioning Video Copilot. Andrew Kramer has been leading the high end AE tutorial field for years and in his latest tutorial he dissects the work of Troika in their latest rebranding of the TNT network.

    Visit Tutorial

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