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Are You A Follower?


We need to talk... Ok, here I go... We've been together for a long time now and I REALLY like you. I know there are some negative comments dropped here and there, but we always get over it and move on.... I guess what I'm tryin' to say is that... well... I'd like to take our relationship to the next level :)

You may check Aetuts+ regularly, but do you follow us on Twitter? How about our Facebook page? Did you know there is an active community over on Facebook with discussions about new tutorials and help with older tutorials? Check it out!

We've had a number of competitions now that have been exclusive to our Twitter followers. Just two weeks ago we gave away a copy of Creating Motion Graphics. We had posted a review of the book, then decided we'd hook up one of our Twitter followers with a copy... We just asked everyone to re-tweet and chose a winner at random.

The main reason I follow Aetuts+ on Twitter is so I can know right away when new articles are out. Even better is when there are Twitter-only contests like the last one. I mean, I saw the post and all I had to do was retweet it for a chance to win. Sure enough, I did! - Jeff Murchison from Ontario, Canada

Recently we switched from @aetuts to @EnvatoVideo so we can include VideoHive in the mix. We're only a couple hundred followers away from hitting 10,000 so here's what we're gonna do... If we reach 10,000 Twitter followers by 2011, we're gonna release an exclusive 3D Tutorial and Full Project Files for our Twitter followers.

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