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An Introduction to Motion Trackers

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This post is part of a series called The Complete Introduction to Motion Trackers.
How To Give Life To An Object With Basic 2D Tracking

This is a group of posts dedicated to thoroughly covering a specific topic so you can learn everything you need to know in one place. This Session covers Motion Trackers. Read on to get a peek at all of the great topics we’ll cover.

What You Need to Know Today

There are scores of random tutorials that may implement motion tracking. How is a normal person with limited time supposed to keep track... keep track, ya like that?

“The Complete Introduction to Motion Trackers” Aetuts+ Session is your answer. We cut to the chase and have strategically put together tutorials that cover the most sought after features that attract people to use motion trackers in their work. We'll show off a number of different examples with very unique outcomes to give you a broad scope of the possibilities you can achieve.

Introduction To Motion Trackers

We’ve Got it Covered

The following posts will walk you through the core principles of Motion Tracking. Check it out.

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