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After Effects CS5.5 on Fxguidetv

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Mark Christiansen and Steve Forde are guests on fxguidetv #108 to discuss CS5.5, After Effects, and the tech behind the new tools. Mark favors the new Camera Lens Blur effect and light fall-off, and gives tips on what to look out for in the Warp Stabilizer effect.

Mark and host John Montgomery would like to see improvements in 3D and user friendly sharing of encapsulated presets, expressions, & scripts. One area of improvement needs to be in Dynamic Link and the RAM pool, which can get out of control when too many instances of the apps are running. Even the headless instances of Adobe apps running in the background have "giant pulsating brains."

You can find links to more on CS5.5, including Mark's review, on AE Portal.

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