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After Effects Apprentice: The Video Series


Chris and Trish Meyer are taking the lessons in their book After Effects Apprentice and recording them as a video training series at Lynda.com. If they're like the book, the lessons will be project-based and methodical yet gentle.

The first three courses were just released behind the curtain at Lynda.com. There's details and a link to a trial  for Lynda.com (without the projects) at PVC.

Additional options for basic training include the shorter intros on CS4 from the DVD of After Effects Apprentice, which are also available from Focal Press and PVC, and Aetuts+ AE for Beginners and others in the Basix category.

Here's an example of from the new series which explains how to create an overshoot effect with only two keyframes, with insight into how animation curves operate in After Effects:

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