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Aetuts+ Weekend Workshop #10 - "Shop Go Shop"


We've recently started a new weekly community project where we'll be posting a video created by one of our wonderful readers, then ask you all to offer constructive feedback on the work. It’s a great way to learn more about video, express your viewpoint, and have your own content critiqued! Submit your own videos at the bottom.

Quick Ground Rules

  1. Play nice! We’ve deliberately chosen videos that aren’t perfect, so please be constructive with any criticism.
  2. Feel free to offer any type of advice – movement, lighting, color, pacing, etc.
  3. You can also link to videos that you feel offer a great example of this type of content done exceptionally well.

Without further ado, here is this week’s candidate for critique!

"Shop Go Shop"

Story Behind the Project

The project work was made for UMMA, which is a publicity and design agency from Brazil. The client is SHOP GO SHOP, a social media based on buy experiences from users (what's good, what's bad...). The briefing of project was clear: promote the new brand showing the differential features of service. The Motion designer is Jean Estevão (who works for Plan2PLay), and was used DUIK TOOLS for animation (IK and Bones, linked with null objects and Puppet Tool).

...the most important thing was to make something "simple" but well-worked

Thinking about the inspiration, the most important thing was to make something "simple" but well-worked. An example of the concept we had looked at was"Turma da Monica", a Brazilian cartoon. We looked at how simple the drawing was, but at the same time how very awesome the animation and all the objects felt. The challenges about project were just to make it in the schedule date (something like 1 week), but as you know well... there are always other projects on the table, so we had to be efficient!

The client was pleased and received job very very well.

Please let us know what you think in the comments – how would you have approached this project or done things differently?

Interested in submitting your own video? You can do so here!

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