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Aetuts+ Photoshop Contest - Winners Announced!

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A HUGE congrats to our Aetuts+ Photoshop Contest winners! Instead of just announcing the winners, I figured I'd let you see the standings, just because honestly... everybody want to know how they did comparatively... There was a total of 853 votes all told.

Contest Winners: Seth Piguet from Orlando, Florida; and Austen Henry from Wichita, Kansas

I've been putting together some ideas for my creative director on different ways to show destination footage and had been thinking about using the tilt-shift lens effect to make things look miniature. Allstate and Disney had nice campaigns using the effects. When I saw the contest, I searched Psdtuts+ and found 53 Crazy-good Digital Photography Tutorials - including #28 on the list for tilt-shift fakery. I expanded on the technique in the tutorial by making objects in the foreground have more blur than in the distance, as you see in macro photography (thanks roto-brush). Bumping the speed of the footage up to 200-300% and adjusting the frame rate to 15fps adds a bit of stop-motion feel to the footage. I was surprised to be selected for the top 20 and honored to be picked as a winner. Thanks for your votes. Aetuts+ rocks, I look forward to the next contest. - Seth Piguet

When I first found out about Psdtuts+, the Dark and Rainy Crime Scene tutorial was the latest one, and I absolutely loved it. When Aetuts+ recently announced the contest I began to brainstorm and tried to figure out which tutorial I would convert. But soon after coming across that tutorial, I knew that it was going to be the tutorial I would use for this contest. My brother and I have been working in our basement for the past two years learning as much as we can about this industry, so we really appreciate the opportunity Aetuts+ has given us in our efforts to become filmmakers/VFX artists. We are really stoked about this, thank you to everyone who voted/supported us and to Aetuts+ and Psdtuts+ for hosting this contest! - Austen Henry

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